October 26-28, 2022, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Session 3.2: Green hydrogen as a driver of renewable energy development

November 18, 2021 10:00 am - 10:45 am
Room 701  

This session will identify the potential of green hydrogen to be a key component of the energy transition. It will also discuss the opportunity for renewable energy and electrolysis to be the prime hydrogen-production mechanism.

Moderator: Michael Powell, Vice President, Government Relations, Canadian Electricity Association

Panellists: Moe Kabbara, Consultant, Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors
David Charlebois, Project Development Manager, Energy Transition, Wood
Jason Goodhand, Global Business Leader, Energy Storage, DNV


Michael Powell

Vice President, Government Relations
Canadian Electricity Association

Moe Kabbara

Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors

David Charlebois

Project Development Manager, Energy Transition

Jason Goodhand

Global Business Leader, Energy Storage