October 23-25, 2023, Calgary, Alberta, BMO Center

Why attend Canada's largest renewable energy and storage industry conference and expo? 

Join key players in the clean energy industry with their innovative technologies, networking opportunities, and collaboration!
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The global energy system is changing before our eyes, and the future is clear and renewable! Capitalize on current opportunities and collaborate in developing a plan for the future at                             Electricity Transformation Canada! 

Boost your Network

Build strategic connections with a large and diverse audience, including business leaders, researchers, industry associations, and key stakeholders.

Collaborate & Capitalize

Expand your business with new opportunities that span the renewable energy sector to position yourself for success in a competitive market.

Step Up as a Leader

Participate and invest confidently in Canada's transformation to electricity by accessing the latest technologies and innovations at our exhibition.

“As the annual conference of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, ETC’s educational program presents the latest innovations in wind energy, solar energy and energy storage, looking even more broadly to the full transformation of the electricity sector in Canada.”

Vittoria Bellissimo,

President and CEO of

“The creation of a single event is in line with the massive transformation taking place within the renewable energy sector that is changing how electricity is generated, managed, distributed, and used.”

Wesley Johnston
President and CEO

Harness the power of collaboration

Electricity Transformation Canada is attracting key players across the Canadian Energy Industry, including:

Wind energy

Industrial energy systems

Indigenous peoples

Solar energy

Real estate and construction

Power utilities

Energy storage


Electricity exporters

Other renewable energy industries

Federal and provincial government representatives

Electricity retailers

The Renewable Energy Industry is Stronger Together

Electricity Transformation Canada is Canada’s largest renewable energy and storage industry conference and exhibition, bringing together all the key players from wind energy, solar energy, energy storage, complementary technologies, and other stakeholders to network and collaborate.

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