October 23-25, 2023, Calgary, Alberta, BMO Center

Electricity Transformation Canada is renewable energy’s premier new event

This exciting new exhibition and conference is where partnerships are formed and business gets done.

An undeniable transformation is underway in Canada’s electricity system.

On both a micro and a macro level—from homeowners to governments to industry—we’re changing the way we power our daily lives.

We’re increasingly turning to renewable technologies like wind energy and solar energy, and to converging and complementary technologies like energy storage, to build a future that is reliable, flexible, affordable and sustainable.

This transformation makes good business sense. 

It is increasingly clear that an electricity grid that integrates renewables and energy storage will be less expensive than any other form of new energy production. Working together, these technologies are poised to provide a constant flow of electricity that can substitute for conventional energy sources.  

Leading the charge

At the vanguard of this change is Electricity Transformation Canada, an exciting new conference and exhibition that will be the premier meeting place for industry leaders, government representatives, energy experts and other stakeholders.

Electricity Transformation Canada (Nov. 10 - 12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre) will be Canada’s largest renewable energy conference and exhibition, with a particular focus on wind energy, solar energy and energy storage.

You can also expect attendees from several other key sectors of Canada’s electricity sector, including:

  • Industrial energy systems
  • Real estate and construction
  • Municipalities
  • Provincial and federal government representatives
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Power utilities
  • Electricity exporters
  • Electricity retailers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Systems operators 
  • Other renewable energy stakeholders

This exciting new event leverages the knowledge and expertise of industry associations like the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), as well as Hannover Fairs (Canada), a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe — one of the world’s largest and most active event organizers. 

“Partnerships and collaboration are the keys to meeting Canada’s energy needs in an affordable, reliable and sustainable way,” said Robert Hornung, president of CanWEA. 

“We’re all working toward the same goal, and Electricity Transformation Canada will be a place where these kinds of partnerships are formed.”

Canada already has one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world — 80 percent of our electricity comes from non-emitting sources. But there is potential for a great deal more. 

“Renewables, like solar and wind energy, are low cost, emissions-free, and can be deployed quickly at both large and small scales,” said Wesley Johnston, President and CEO, CanSIA. 

“Coupled with energy storage and a modernized grid system, solar energy and wind energy technologies can help to create a cleaner energy system that is more resilient, reliable, and efficient.”

“No single technology can go it alone,” added Glenna Gosewich, show director, Energy Events, for Hannover Fairs (Canada). 

“But together we can meet our larger goal of affordable, sustainable electricity systems that serve our communities. Electricity Transformation Canada will be the nexus point for this kind of collaboration — and a place where business gets done. This event will draw an audience no other single renewable energy technology can draw on its own. It will open up new audiences, new business opportunities and new relationship-building opportunities.” 

The big picture

What does electricity transformation mean for Canada? 

At the micro level, it could mean converting remote communities from diesel generators to sustainable micro-grids using solar panels and industrial-sized batteries. 

It could mean rooftop solar panels in neighbourhoods across the country — and big-city office buildings, universities and concert halls that rely on renewables for their energy needs. 

On a larger scale, it can mean hybrid energy farms that use wind energy, solar energy, energy storage and other converging technologies to provide utility-level power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has projected that 48 percent of global electricity generation will come from solar power and wind power, in conjunction with energy storage, by 2050. 

“Today’s electricity system is much different than it was 20 years ago, and there’s so much potential for the years ahead,” said Gosewich. 

“At Electricity Transformation Canada, we’ll plot the way forward. This group of business leaders, energy experts and other influencers is brimming with expertise that will guide us into an exciting future.” 

Moving forward together

So, what’s in it for you? 

Electricity Transformation Canada is a unique opportunity to make connections, share your experience and grow your business.

  • Network. Connect with influencers, including the industry’s biggest brands. 
  • Speak. Share your message with a large, diverse audience that spans the industry. Showcase your products and services.
  • Sponsor. Be a leader and raise your profile.
  • Collaborate. Partner with the best and brightest in our industry. 

Join us at Electricity Transformation Canada (Nov. 10 - 12, 2020, in Toronto), and help us move toward a future where electricity is affordable, reliable and sustainable. 

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